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bkov 07-12-2010 12:41 AM

APA recipe thoughts
Looking to brew something thats very quaffable, yet complex and flavorfull. one that would be a hit with the average beer drinker(bmc,sam adams, hienikien,etc)

i was thinking:

5pounds vienna
1pound 6row
1pound munich
2pounds rye
1pound victory
.5pound crystal20
.25pound melanoidin

.5oz columbus FWH
.5oz amarillo 20mins
.5oz amarillo 5mins

US05 dry yeast

1057 OG, 1014 FG, 30.2 IBU, 11.5 SRM, 5.63 abv

LexusChris 07-12-2010 01:20 AM

Quaffable brew
Depending upon the crowd, Rye & Victory malt may not be so accessible. I think you have the right idea on OG, IBU .. keep them kinda low. As for color, some folks prefer light color, even though it has little to do with taste or ABV..

I would try anything like...

90% base malt (Pale 2-row or Vienna)
10% crystal (light)

Like your hops & yeast... Although, I would probably just do the bittering at 60-mins, and not FWH. Mash @ 148-150-F.
Good luck!

bkov 07-12-2010 02:27 AM

im not sure how complex and flavorful that would be. the crowd would probably drinkly mainly bmc when they drink beer, but really enjoy the popular other beers like sam adams, hieny, becks, maybe guinness, sierra nevada

edit: i dont think rye or victory would take it over the top for most pallets. i think bitterness is what most stands out to most and turns them off untill they get use to it

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