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OBSCZONER 04-11-2012 03:55 PM

Anyone know about ordering bulk?
Hey hows it going. Me and my brother recently found out that our homebrew shops prices for grain is kind of steep. When you buy in bulk it is 1.80 a pound. 1.80x50 is right around 99 $. We found 50 lb sacks for 50 dollars. which saves a bunch of money. But we are looking to buy 150lbs of base malt for somewhere around 125$ and we need 4 plastic carboys for around 80$. Are either of these expectations realistic or should we just get with the game and throw money at it? Thanks for the time.

PistolsAtDawn 04-11-2012 04:50 PM

The carboys are do-able, but I think you're unrealistic about your grain.

My suggestion is to call up your local breweries and smooth talk your way onto their next order. That worked for me, and you may make some cool and valuable contacts (can you say free, very healthy yeast?).

ShinyBuddha 04-11-2012 04:53 PM

I get a 10% discount at my LHBS with my American Homebrewer's Association membership. You should head over to the Bay area and see what's available. Morebeer.com has two retail outlets in that area and I'm sure there are others. Back on track, you should be able to get 150 of grain for around $125-150 and I don't know about plastic but I get 6 gallon glass carboys for ~$28.

ColumbusAmongus 04-11-2012 04:56 PM

Consider how quick you will go through the grains and if you can store them well enough to not pick up moisture over the length of storage time.

I get 50lb bags of 2-row but I use it within a 3-4 months. I had one sit for ~6-7 months once and the grains became a little soft from picking up moisture but I just had them in the bag that they came in. Maybe if you have a tighter container to seal them in you could store them a lot longer to make it worth while.

When you look at the cost of bulk, it really does save a lot of money but if you can't store them long enough, you prob don't come out ahead.

BigRob 04-11-2012 04:57 PM

I'd look for some brew clubs near you, if you can get in on a group purchase of grains, you'll be able to get 150lbs for less than $125. Downside is, it's not a spur of the moment thing, you're at the mercy of someone elses scheduling.

I know I was recently involved in a grain buy and grain prices have risen slightly since 2011, but domestic 2-row was around $30 per bag, Maris Otter cost me slightly more at $40. The biggest price breaks for a bulk buy are generally at the 20 and 40 bag mark.

OBSCZONER 04-12-2012 04:44 AM

So i got a deal on 150 lbs for 130$ flat. I think thats fair. 20$ isnt much when we are talking 150$ but it makes me feel better. I am greatful they helped me out so I do not want to ask them for a deal on the carboys. Looking around online but I cant find anything. Maybe i can find a brew shop that has lightly used carboys for cheap or something. Thank you all for your replies by the way.


urbanmyth 04-12-2012 04:57 AM

If you can find Nestle bottled water near you, they come in five gallon PET bottles just the same as Better Bottles for about a third or fourth of the price. Plus they are filled with convenient brewing water, ready for heating to strike temps. :mug:

Gregscsu 04-12-2012 05:02 AM

I can get 50Lbs of base grain for $32 at my lhbs with my AHA discount.

BTW NB is my lhbs since I live about 2 miles from them in St Paul.

Demon 04-12-2012 12:44 PM

Here are 6 gallon Better Bottles for $20.

PistolsAtDawn 04-12-2012 04:33 PM

Wow, I'm really jealous of the prices you guys are able to get. Good job!

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