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Revvy 10-13-2010 11:49 PM

Anyone have a REAL lion's stout clone?
Teach a neighbor to brew day is coming up. I just realized that I haven't brewed a stout since my very first batch of beer over 5 years ago. My current beer obsession and favorite stout is Lions, the tropical stout from Sri-Lanka. It is a tropical stout. Which is a style unto itself.

There is a definite lack of clones on the internet for this beer. And on this forum there are 3 threads, two with no information and 1 with brother Edcculus's providing of a foreign export stout.

Technically Lion is a "tropical" stout, a stout lager...but I wasn't planning to lager it, just use a neutral ale yeast. But I still would like to get the grainbill right. To me Lion really is the perfect stout. It isuber clean, and it has notes of both chocolate and coffee, but I don't think they are acutally added...I think they are purely malt driven.

I don't have the clone brews books...is there a true lion's stout out there?????

Some clues,

The 8.0 per cent abv, bottle conditioned beer is brewed from British, Czech and Danish malts with Styrian hops and an English yeast strain. All the ingredients are transported along precarious roads to the brewery located 3,500 feet above sea level

goodwood 10-14-2010 12:02 AM

sorry no recipe, but man i need to try this! i tried the guinness black lager and it was a failed attempt. and from what you are saying, it sounds like what i thought the guinness would taste like. i googled it, and it looks like a few people are looking for it.

you are from michigan! i can't get enough of Founder's breakfast stout.

anyways, good luck finding it

Revvy 10-14-2010 12:46 AM

I just stumbled onto the fact that Clonebrews is now on google books. And there is a Dragon Stout clone there. I've never had it. Has anyone done a head to head between Dragon and Lion?

Newton 10-14-2010 01:21 AM

Thats an awesomely delicious brew. Please post a recipe if you find one.

Revvy 10-14-2010 05:53 PM

Heres' the Dragon Stout recipe from Clone brews.

9.75 pounds American Pale Malt (6-Row)
2.25 pounds Flaked Maize
1.00 pounds Crystal Malt 120L
0.50 pounds British Chocolate Malt
0.30 pounds British Black Patent Malt
0.15 pounds British Roasted Barley
0.50 pounds Brown Sugar (Dark)
1.50 pounds Corn Sugar (Dextrose)
0.35 ounces Magnum @ 60 minutes
WYEAST California Lager 2112 — Liquid

* Mash grains at 155 with 4.6 gallons for 60 minues.
* Vorlauf for last 15 mins.
* Sparge with 5 gallons at 172
* Collect 6.75 gallons
* Boil 90 minutes
* Hops at 60
* Irish moss at 10
* Cool and pitch
* Ferment low 60's.

Has anyone had both Dragon and Lion that can give a good comparison?

Revvy 10-22-2010 12:56 PM

I'm nominating my own thread for the lead balloon award...Since it seems no one has a clone for lions, nor have they ever it seems tasted both Dragon and Lion and can tell me what the difference between the two are.

So I hereby nominate if for Revvy's;


(This is actually a shameless bump to see if anyone's got any info.)

Sleepyemt 10-22-2010 08:51 PM

Revvy, I've got the BYO 250 recipe and I think they are both in there, I'm out of town til late Saturday though, I don't know if that's too late for you?

Revvy 10-22-2010 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by Sleepyemt (Post 2355838)
Revvy, I've got the BYO 250 recipe and I think they are both in there, I'm out of town til late Saturday though, I don't know if that's too late for you?

Brew day is not til the 6th. Thanks for checking.

Sleepyemt 10-22-2010 09:03 PM

Absolutely! I'd be some what hesitant to use clonebrews, I have it and compared to BYO it seems pretty off in some of the recipes .....

skibb 10-23-2010 02:28 AM

Well off the bat i wouldn't think the dragon stout clone would be similar - it seems like it would be an example of a dry (and not tropical) FES due to all the simple sugars in the recipe.

I absolutely love this beer. After drinking a lot of it I feel that perhaps some of the malt bill is soured (similar to guinness). Or maybe this souring occurs from the way its conditioned over there - who knows, I just taste it.

I've emailed the brewery asking for any additional information on the beer but they never replied =[

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