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tegeberg 08-07-2011 11:57 PM

American IPA, advice on hops
Hi guys

Soon I am brewing a half batch of American IPA. My general guideline hop schedule looks like this (remember it's a half batch)

14 g Horizon @ 60
14 g Centennial @ 10
14 g Simcoe @ 5
14 g Amarillo @ 0

Well, I'm trying to make it cheap without compromising all too much. I only have access to other high AA hops which I will use to replace the Horizon. Probably Nugget. That one I am not tooooo worried about but if I should be let me know.

I am not tooooo worried about replacing the flameout Amarillo with Centennial either (but again, let me know if...)

What I am worried about is the Simcoe which I simply cannot seem to find around here, and which generally seems to be considered quite unique. If I cannot find it, what is my best bet for a replacement given the style and such?

I do also plan to dry hop with some Centennial since I love hop aroma and will have some left over anyway.

Thanks in advance for any help, I am fairly new to this. If you live in or near the Montreal or Quebec City area I will be happy to buy you a beer as a thank you :)


Calder 08-08-2011 01:51 AM

You don't need Simcoe.

I'd go Centennial and Amarillo and mix them up. see what you get.

7 g Centennial + 7 g Amarillo @ 15
7 g Centennial + 7 g Amarillo @ 10
7 g Centennial + 7 g Amarillo @ 5
7 g Centennial + 7 g Amarillo @ 0

...... For me that is still light on the hops (I understand it is a half batch).

dirty_martini 08-08-2011 06:25 AM

simcoe is a great hop, but its not magical or anything. there are lots of great hops out there you could use. citra, chinook, columbus, summit, etc etc

you can be fine with just centennial and amarillo. great combination of floral/citrus from centennial and citrus/stonefruit/tropical fruit from amarillo. citra is similar in profile to amarillo, chinook has more pine/grapefruit/herbal qualities, columbus can add that "dankness", and summit when used sparingly can give off a wonderful orange/tangerine quality.

Honestly, if you play with just about any combo of american "IPA" hops you will get something wonderful. Just read up on the potency of all of the hops and realize that some will overpower others, and adjust your recipe as such.

If you can find all of your hops, the recipe is fine. Just make sure you get some to dry hop with.

tegeberg 08-08-2011 02:41 PM

Thanks a lot guys!

So, it looks like my most easily available hops are Centennial and Cascade really (as well as Nugget for the bittering).

How would you suggest I mix them up if I want to do a half batch high abv (7-8%, full boil since it is half batch) American IPA where I would like big hop flavour as well as aroma?

Should I go out of my way to get for instance Amarillo or will I be ok with the two other typical IPA hop types?


unionrdr 08-08-2011 02:46 PM

I used Columbus,Nugget,& Cascade in my 1st IPA in bottles aging now. I got some nice lemon,grapefruit,& orange aromas/flavors with this combo. But centennial & amarillo sound nice,maybe with some Nugget?

tegeberg 08-09-2011 06:10 PM

I am bunking this one up again :) It looks like I might be going with something like this for the half batch:

14 g Nugget @ 60
14 g Centennial @ 10
14 g Centennial @ 5
14 g Cascade @ 5
14 g Centennial @ 0
14 g Cascade @ 0

Dry hopped for a good week with a little bit of Cascade and 20-30 g of Centennial. Basically what I will have left. Should give me a 60 something IBU as far as I can calculate.

How does that schedule look to you? Anything you would advise me to move up or down? and does the balance seem ok? I like my beer not too bitter in the taste itself but I love hop aroma and taste which is why I am trying to go with a lot of late additions.


Schwind 08-10-2011 03:42 AM

The cent/cascade combo is great. You'll probably want to add a 15 min addition for added flavor. If it's going to be a big beer like you said, a 20 min addition couldn't hurt. The flavor additions are 25-10 min, aroma is 10-0.
Also, search for hopbursting. You do a smaller 60 min addition, and do bigger late additions from 25-0 to make up your IBUs. It equates to less bitterness and more flavor and aroma while keeping the beer balanced. I did that for my first dipa and it was fantastic. The hops cost me a small fortune but it turned out great.
Good luck and keep us posted on the results.

tegeberg 08-16-2011 05:38 PM

Will brew this one in a week or so. Will the hop schedule above give me what I am looking for, an not craaaazy bitter IPA with lots of hop aroma and flavor?

And, can I generally take what Schwind says as a rule of thumb? That I will generally get flavor from the 25-10 additions and aroma from the 10-0 (plus dry I guess)?

Thanks a lot in advance guys


beerandloathinginaustin 08-16-2011 05:44 PM

Looks good and yes.

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