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yogensha 06-11-2010 02:50 AM

All 2-row Pils?
I seem to remember seeing a link to a Pils recipe with all 2-row. I'm thinking it was hopped to 40+ IBUs with Saaz and maybe Mt. Hood. Even had some dry hopping. I think it was linked in a thread discussing BMC-like recipes as a counter example.

Anyway, I wanted to try it but I seem to have lost the link. Anybody seen something like this?

944play 06-11-2010 03:48 AM

I did a 2-row/Liberty SMaSH lager, kraeusened with a hop tea. It was incredible when the hops were still there, but it quickly mellowed out into something that tasted quite a lot like Scrimshaw (not my favorite pilsner).

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