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BK_BREWERY 04-16-2009 09:07 PM

Adding honey malt to honey wheat beer?
I have a recipe for a honey wheat ale probably going to turn it into 2 different fruit flavors in the end but was wondernig about some modification to the recipe i was pondering. the recipe is this

2 lbs. Honey
4 lbs of Canadian Wheat syrup
0.25 lbs. Carafoam
1 oz. Liberty Pellets -Bittering (60min)
0.5 oz. Liberty Pellets- Aroma (10min)

pretty simple but a couple things, i had planned on adding the honey at flameout, but the online place i ordered the ingredients from combined both the honey and wheat LME into same container. so i was going to try and seperate the honey and malt when i go to brew as best i can hopefully they stayed somewhat seperated. my idea was to keep the sweet honey flavor i want it for more than just fermentables sugars, also adding that early i'm afraid it will make the beer very dry and not much body.

so i was wondering if 1/4 lb of carafoam is enough to help with the body or should i bounce it up to a 1/2 lb or switch to a 1/2 lb of carapils and also if i should add a 1/4 or 1/2 lb of honey malt as well and try and get the honey flavor in the final beer? or anyone has any other recommendations? i just want a nice refreshing honey wheat beer that will not be too dry and have good body. so when i got to add the blueberry and other flavoring it will companion nicely


david_42 04-16-2009 10:28 PM

The sugars in honey will ferment out regardless of when you add it to the wort/beer, so you are looking at a fairly dry beer.

BK_BREWERY 04-16-2009 10:49 PM

what can i add to lessen the dryness and make it more drinkable on a hot day?

ChshreCat 04-16-2009 10:53 PM

Light/dry is usually what a lot of folks are looking for on a hot day.

Token 06-02-2009 12:57 PM

What did you decide about adding the honey to this brew? I was recently advised to add the honey at flameout. I was told to take about a quart of the boiling wort to use to "rinse" out the honey container after adding it to the rest of the wort at flameout. He said if I add it during the boil, it will just sit at the bottom of the pot.

cybersavior 10-03-2009 02:56 PM

Adding honey malt to honey wheat beer?
have only been brewing for about two years, but most of my batches have included some honey. adding the honey at the beginning of the boil will drive out most of the "volitiles" in the honey ( flower flavors ), the remaining sugars will fermet out about 75%. if one wants to retain the flower flavors then it is best to add the honey at flame out.

the residual sugars from honey will give the beer a thicker mouth feel. I have also produced three batches of mead so far, two "spiced" batches using lemon zest and hops, those turned out well enough to prompt the second batch. and the other a sparkeling mead, with nothing but honey, water, yeast. the two lemon meads were "sweet" meads, 10.5 lb of honey in a three gallon batch, starting at 1.103 and ending at 1.004, potent stuff, but even though the ending SG was close to water, the mouth feel is much thicker than water.

so, if you want extra kick, and thicker mouth feel, add the honey at the beginning of the boil and drive off the flower flavors, if you want the honey flavors also, add at the end.

fyi, lemon mead, 1/2 oz check saaz, 10 1/2 lb wildflower honey, water for 3 gallons, boil for 45 min, add juice and zest of 5 lemons, cool to pitch, add champaign yeast, after mead begins to clear, rack to clean fermenter, add zest of 5 more lemons, let it go till cleared, bottle and age for as long as you can stand it.

this yields a beverage that is well recieved, the goal was 17% abv liquid lemonheads comes close . slightly "beery" due to the hops, about 5% of the people really dont like it because of that.


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