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kingoslo 09-22-2009 08:24 AM

About this recipe I planned
Hello, I planned to make this lager. I want it to be very light and skunky. Think of my plan as a Corona Extra on steroids? I personally do not drink corona, but I am making this for some friends. I have some questions though:

1. My yeast is good for 9% ABV. Is this beer going to be too high gravity to ferment to finish?
2. I have a big packet of Wyeast, (100 billion cells), it says on the back that this should be enough for a 5 gal brew. Is this true even for a high grav beer like this?
3. I want to make it as light as possible before making it taste too cidery (by using too much sugar/not enough malt). Do you think I could add more sugar or Cornmeal, and reduce the malt any further without this happeing?
4. Any other suggestions?

Thanks :) :) :) :mug:

Batch size: 5gal

12lb Beligan pale malt
4lb Cereal mashed Cornmeal (could not get Flaked Maice)
0.9lb Dextrose
1.5oz Saaz (90mins)
0.5oz Saaz (10mins)
Wyeast 2042 Danish Lager (ferment at 49F)

Secoundary in indirect sunlight to skunk the beer.

Kind regards,

Oldsock 09-22-2009 01:10 PM

1. It depends on your efficiency, but even at 70% you will be pushing 9% abv.

2. Big lagers need ~4 times the yeast that a regular gravity ale does. So either build a starter (1 gallon), pitch onto the yeast cake from a low gravity lager, or buy more smackpacks. Proper yeast health (pitching rate, fermentation temps, pitching temp, aeration, nutrients etc...) is especially important in a beer like this where there is not going to be a lot of malt/hop character.

3. You would save a lot more color by going with a pils instead of a pale. Belgian Pale makes for a surprisingly pretty dark beer on its own. You are up above 30% adjunct by gravity contribution, that is as high as I would push it on a first run.

4. Lager half the beer away from the light and taste the difference, it does not take long for a beer to skunk. Good luck.

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