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Mapleroots 02-03-2011 01:49 AM

2011 dopplebock
6 gal. dopplebock
Grain Bill
20lb. German pilisner
1lb. caramunich
1lb. caravienna
1lb. white wheat
.5lb. chocolate wheat
.5lb. carafa special 2
1.25 qt. per lb. mashed @152*f @ 1:30min.
mash out 180*f batch sparge
hop scheduel
2oz. chinook @ 60min
1oz. Kent Golding @ 30min.
1oz. willamette @ 15min.
1oz. willamette @ 5min.
primary: 2 white labs German Bock WLP 833 4 weeks
secondary: 3 months lagering
Any feedback would be great
Thanks from, Zion Brewing :mug:

pkeeler 02-03-2011 02:55 AM

Are you saying you are raising your mash temp to 180 or just using 180F water to sparge with? Would be cheaper to make a 3 qt. starter from one WL tube than to buy two. What kind of efficiency do you get? I run your grain bill and I would think your OG would be 1.105-1.110.

GrainCounter 02-03-2011 03:16 AM

Most Doppelbocks are made with a high percentage of Munich malt, up to 100%. I recently made one that was 70% Pils and 30% Munich, and I was disappointed with the maltiness of the beer. In the future, I plan to use at least 60% Munich malt. If you are looking to make a Doppelbock that is like Celebrator, Optimator, Primator, etc, consider Munich malt.

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