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MikeInCtown 09-28-2008 12:10 PM

wired/wireless thermometer selection
Wondering how many of you guys have the wired digital thermometers with the probe on a long wire. I've been looking at a few at BedBath&Beyond and they all look like they would be perfect for brewing. (water safe, high temp capable) One they sell even has remote capabilityso you can walk away fora little bit and still keep track of your temps.

I'm really looking for something to use so I don't have to keep opening up the cooler to check mash temps or open the pot to check water temps.

ajwillys 09-28-2008 05:38 PM

I have one that I used to use but realized it can be as much as 8 degrees wrong. I still use it for the boil and set it at 200 so it will go off just before the boil starts, which is nice. But I don't trust it for my mash temps.

I did get a cheap one though so.....

Funkenjaeger 09-29-2008 01:24 PM

I have two, one is even wireless. I consider them invaluable. I have waterproofed the probe wire of one with silicone tubing (there's a DIY kicking around somewhere) so it's fully waterproof, and that one gets used in the mash. I use the wireless one for heating strike/sparge water or bringing the wort to a boil, so I can be elsewhere while I wait and still keep an eye on it, and always hear the alarm when the set temp is reached.

I have tested them side-by-side with a bunch of other thermometers (I own like 7...) and they seemed as accurate as any other.

dataz722 09-29-2008 01:36 PM

I would reccomend checking out Amazon for them. They have a ton of different choices for a better price. Make sure you read the customer reviews though.

944play 09-29-2008 02:25 PM

I just got this one and used it for two batches yesterday:
ThermoWorks – Original Oven Thermometer / Timer. Classic design and simplicity at a GREAT price.

Appears to be my most accurate thermometer. The response is a little slow though.

radamson 10-02-2008 12:01 AM

Got one too
I got mine in the Grill area of HDepot and is the wired probe to the base and a wireless LCD unit to 100 ft or so. It's designed for cooking, so it has pre-determined temperature settings for Beef, Port, Lamb, etc. and varying doneness of Rare, MR, etc. It also has a timer that counts up or down with alarms for timer and temperatures. I just use the temp set and timer functions; But I would love to hack onto the circuit board and change the text for "Beef" to "Beer". :D Anyone hack these things?

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