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jscottAT4 09-10-2012 02:03 AM

Will Chugger SS Center inlet head work on march 815?
Short and sweet - will a chugger SS center inlet head work on a march 815? I don't know much about either pump, and have been crawling forums. I know it will fit an 809, not sure if it fits an 815. My design plans are for a center inlet pump, and I recently got a heck of a deal on a march 815 inline . I'm just wondering if the chugger SS head will work on this pump motor. If so, will the 815 impeller fit, or do I need a different one (and would this modify the 815 flow)?

jscottAT4 09-10-2012 02:47 AM

I think i may have found one of my answers in march factory questions thread:

Looks like 809 and 815 use the same SS center inlet head, according to this data:

So a chugger SS head that fits an 809 should fit 815.

Sorry to waste your time - next one is on me! :tank:

steveschulte34 05-13-2013 06:32 PM

Did you have any problems putting the chugger head onto the 815? I was thinking about doing the same thing.

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