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whoaru99 02-06-2013 01:43 PM

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Originally Posted by highgravitybacon View Post
By the time you futz with buying the pieces, a pipe bender (since most people don't have one) and factor in time and gas @ $3.49/gallon, paying $50 to have one made and brought to the house isn't a bad deal at all.

Even having a tubing cutter, torch, etc. it isn't necessarily that much cheaper to build depending on what you do.

I think the industral grade hose connections I used increased total cost by about 1/4, maybe more.

Took my last batch from flame out to 60F in 15, give or take. Didn't time all that carefully.

Oh, yeah, I built an anti-gravity machine too.

half_whit 02-07-2013 04:56 AM

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Originally Posted by dcarter View Post
Now it's your turn to post a pic halfwit!
Ha! Dam n, ya caught me. I was avoiding that one after seeing some of those pictures. I really like the elbow idea. Your builds look great, guys!

Like I said, $$$ was the goal here. 20 bucks of copper, wrapped around a tall thin pot from my ice cream maker, bent by hand. It started to crimp a little in one spot, but I ran water through it and it seems to flow really nicely. After adding the rubber hose, clamps, and an awesome adapter that screws directly to my kitchen sink (our water gets super cold....and also super hot. I measured 140 when I was washing my thermometer the other day), I came in at about 26 bucks. And Lowe's is right down the street! It ain't purdy... but I'm making a Mock-bock on Friday, so I'll let ya know how well it actually works

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