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ImperialStout 03-19-2012 02:38 AM

What's wrong with my KAB4 burner set up?
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Just set up a new KAB4 Banjo Burner. It took 50 min to bring 5 gal water from 80 F to 180 F in windless 50 F ambient.

Using an old stainless steel shelf about 20" wide x 16" deep as a heat shield to protect the ball valve and thermometer. Think the heat shield is too big and deflects too much heat. What do you use for a heat shield?

Have the heat on high and adjusted air mix just to where the yellow flame turns blue. How do you adjust your burner?

In my opinion the burner is of poor quality. The burner holes had to be cleaned out so all would work. Also think the burner is too far from the bottom of the pot. Bought this one because of the 210K BTU's but think now should have got the smaller SQ14 55K burner instead. What works for you?

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