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RockyTop11 01-22-2013 03:57 AM

What to use for what? 2 kegglesamd 10 gal cooler
I am purchasing a blinchman burner and have a 10gal Home Depot cooler. I have the ability to get two free converted 15.5 kegs pre drilled (wherever I want drilled and cut), just no ball valves or fittings. I currently have a 9 aluminum gallon turkey burner pot and burner and was planing on buying a spikebrewing or polar ware pot until this offer. I currently do 5 gal extract at but plan to go all grain soon. May do 10 gal eventually and don't want to under buy. What should I use and where? Will this setup of 2 converted kegs and 10 gallon cooler be sufficient?

wilserbrewer 01-22-2013 09:22 AM

Seeing as how you could do an AG batch w/ just your cooler (MLT) and 9 gal alum. turkey fryer, you have plenty to expand. Keggle boil pot, cooler MLT and 9 gal alum HLT. 2nd burner and keggle are a bonus! Kegs make nice 10 gal fermenters FWIW if you keep the 2nd keg uncut fwiw.

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