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snap1042 12-14-2012 12:39 AM

Warped False Bottom Question
I recently purchased a false bottom for my 10 gallon cooler on line. When it came out of the box, I set it on a flat surface and it did not set symmetrical on the flat surface. In other words, two opposing edges remained about a 1/4 inch above the surface . . . the false bottom was slightly 'warped.'

It was an as-is purchase so returning it is not an option.

Will this gap be a problem? Will the weight of the grains be enough to close the gap (when pressed lightly, the false bottom sits true on a flat surface but it does take pressure to do so)? In my experience, attempts to re-true something like this only make it worse so I am discouraged from trying to bend it.

I understand that the grain acts as its own filter as it is but did not know if I am asking for a ton of grains in the vorlauf . . . or even if a sparge is possible without too many grains making it through.

Any feedback on this would be great.


day_trippr 12-14-2012 03:36 AM

Domed, I presume?

Before you do anything, put it in the cooler and see how it sits. You never know, I doubt cooler liners are dead flat either, so you might have a good fit already.

In any case, I would spend the time to get the FB to make contact around its full circumference with the cooler liner. I have a 12" domed FB in my 10g Rubbermaid and it's made from some pretty stiff punched stainless steel. I doubt even a 20-something pound grain bill is bending it much if at all (hard to say under all that mush ;)

Anyway, it took a little time to get it to lay tight to the bottom, but avoiding grain clogs in pumps, valves and and chillers makes any preemptive activity worth the effort...


Grannyknot 12-14-2012 12:52 PM

My friend recently ordered a false bottom from Northern Brewer. When it arrived, it was warped a bit. One side of it sat about 3/16" off the bottom of the mash tun. We tried and tried to bend it back, but when we used it we had a stuck sparge almost immediately. Called NB, they apologized profusely and sent a new one out immediately. Good luck.

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