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cskid 01-06-2013 10:22 PM

Want to install a valve and thermometer on new kettle
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Hi everyone. Over Christmas I received a 62 quart stainless Bayou Classic kettle. My previous kettle was an aluminum 30 quart Bayou Classic kettle. I still have both but, now do not know what to do with my setup. I have both kettles and two burners and stands now. Primarily I brew using the brew in the bag method due to time, lack of equipment, and I enjoy the final product.

I want to install a valve on the new stainless kettle for sure. Also considering installing a thermometer. I have a few questions that I would love feedback on. They are as follows:

- Any certain valve kit that is better than the next? (I think weldless would be my best bet....right?)

- Is the installation of a thermometer worth the effort? Opposed to just using a digital thermometer?

- How high off of the base (of the kettle) should i plan for the center line of the hole that I will drill for the valve?

- Any input on false bottoms would be great. The new kettle did not come with one. Does Bayou Classic make false bottoms or would I have to custom make one?

Attached is a photo of the new kettle.

Thanks in advanced for your help.


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