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whoaru99 01-04-2013 03:34 AM

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Here is my test setup.

At ~2 o'clock is a thermocouple for the temp control and one of the same for a datalogger setup to track the chamber air temp.

At ~4 o'clock is a fine wire thermocouple stuck to the bucket and covered with three layers of Reflectix double reflective insulation, also into the datalogger.

In the top is an immersion thermocouple that's in the water to about the same level as the external thin wire thermocouple, to the datalogger as well.

The thermocouple system is outputting the three channels to the datalogger once per second (1Hz is as slow as it goes). The temp control is set to 50F, with 5F hysteresis (+/-2.5F).

Started with the 5gal water in the bucket at 70F and the freezer temp at 50F, and am going to look at the data in about 18 hours (or ~24 hours after I flipped the switch on it all).

whoaru99 01-05-2013 04:13 AM

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It may not affect uniformity, per se. If anything, maybe it'd probably slow the rate of cooling or warming

FWIW, here's the result of the data logging...the graph is a composite of two because I stopped the logging after ~23 hours to have a look at the data, then restarted it which started a new log file and I didn't take the time to attempt to append them.

As you see, the 5gal of ~71F water took roughly 33 hours to attain approximately the 50F setpoint. There was still about 1F difference between the pail temps and the average air temp in the freezer. The surface temp of the bucket and the immersion probe tracked very closely...they're essentially overlaid on each other in the sloped line. If there was fermentation going on don't know if that would still hold true. Also clear is the increasing amount of "off" to "on" time of the freezer as the pail temp got closer to the setpoint temp.

The two vertical lines toward the left are because I unplugged the thermcouples a couple times to do some curiosity checks with a thermocouple adapter and multimeter.

certaut 01-07-2013 02:21 AM

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been doing ales for 7 years at 62 F

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