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ThePonchoKid 04-26-2012 02:55 AM

Is there any reasonable way
To use a propane burner in a basement kitchen with only a standard stove exhaust fan?

Obviously I'd want to have a monoxide detector. This I know. That's if I can even justify making a viable set-up.

I was pondering over making a bottom ported curtain, to seal off the kitchen entrance in order to gain better control the airflow. Get a more powerful fan rigged to the kitchen exhaust duct. The exhaust duct is used in conjunction with a bathroom exhaust. There's no back flow, but at least if I rig up a more powerful fan I should have the air flow space from both the ported curtain and bathroom vent.

Any suggestions?

wilserbrewer 04-26-2012 02:07 PM

It is not advisable to use a propane burner in a basement! That being said many have done it without issue. The key is plenty of ventilation and forced fresh make up air with fans and open windows and doors. I think it is a bad idea to enclose an area, but rather would look to move large amounts of fresh air circulating freely. Basicly you want the space to be as "breezy" as possible.

dbhokie 04-26-2012 02:21 PM

I would recommend making sure you have a good burner, GOOD VENTILATION, a good regulator inside, and run the hose, or pipe to outside the house.

There are plenty of commercial kitchens, stoves, and home ranges etc that use propane.

If you are very concerned about the safety of it and still feel uncomfortable you can get a propane detector, and hook it up to a solenoid shutoff valve, so that if leaks happen and propane is getting in the atmosphere around your cooking area it would automatically shut off the flow.

I just edited this to say, that Ventilation is extremely important if done inside.

TyTanium 04-26-2012 02:24 PM

My favorite post of all time on this issue:


Originally Posted by Yuri_Rage (Post 174518)

Originally Posted by Sir Humpsalot (Post 174510)
I think I'll just buy a canary. :cross:

Buy a CO detector - if it starts annoying you, it's time to leave. The opposite is true with the canary.


PS - read through the rest of the thread.

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