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CButterworth 12-03-2012 02:22 AM

Storing corny keg with CO2
I almost have my first batches of beer ready:

1. A scottish ale, which is clearing in the secondary.
2. Chocolate porter, which is busy fermenting and due to go into the secondary later this week.

Both will be ready for kegging in two weeks.

So, both ales are in plastic buckets of which I only have two.

My plan is to sanitize both my corny kegs this week, then fill one with CO2. The other will be temporarily used to drain off my chocolate porter. Then I'll clean and sanitize its plastic fermenter, siphon back into the fermentor and use that for the secondary. I will re-clean and sanitize the second keg and put CO2 into it.

So, would CO2 in my kegs keep them sanitized until I do the final kegging a week later?

I could always store the kegs under regular air, and resanitize the following week.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


Chrisl77 12-03-2012 02:31 AM

Why bother with a secondary if your not adding anything like dry hops of flavorings. I rarely use a secondary unless i am adding fruit or ageing for longer then a month or 2. I would just leave it in primary until it is ready to rack to the keg normally 3 to 4 weeks for me.

Chrisl77 12-03-2012 02:33 AM

As for sanitizing your kegs what sanatizer are you using? I use starsan and i just leave it in my kegs until i am ready to rack my beer into them.

chumpsteak 12-03-2012 02:58 AM

Why waste the co2? I clean my kegs. Rinse them with starsan and then seal them up until I'm ready to use them. I then rinse them with a little starsan again right before I put the beer in.

CButterworth 12-03-2012 02:59 AM


I need to add a vanilla bean to the porter after seven days.

I am using one-step for sanitizing my kegs.


Chrisl77 12-03-2012 04:54 PM

If it was me i would just soak the beans in a little vodka and add it to the primary.
Then rack to the keg when its time to get the beer off the beans. 1 week isnt alot of time for the yeast to clean up after them selves.

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