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johnthemate 03-21-2012 12:35 PM

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Hi Onehoppyguy, Thanks a lot, Ill continue cutting! Determined to make lids out of the cut out pieces!

Ok, Im convinced for the side siphon tubes.. should have spotted that logic. thanks for making clear. ( even if I might not go for propane, it will still leave me the option)

With your CFC for heating did you go for an extra HX, or just use the water from the HLT? I cannot see anyway of avoiding two pumps If I want to heat, once side hot and one side Wort recirc?

I think i will have to name my 30l converted kegs as keggelinos as they are italian origin, or kegglets for my english speaking friends!

Now to find the calculation for the element size for 30l... i think i would prefer to go electric.... but cant help thinking that I will burn the wort in the BK.

Grazie a tutti

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