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GnvBrewer80 05-25-2011 02:07 AM

Sanyo 4911m Fridge - Frequency of Compressor
Hey everyone,
So I picked up a used Sanyo 4911m fridge on Craigslist a few weeks back.

I did the usual modifications (e.g., remove the plastic shelving on inside of front door) so I could fit a 6 gallon Better Bottle. I also caulked the crap out of the rubber seal when I re-attached it (both inside and outside) since I could see a little bit of light (from the fridge's inside light) coming through along the seams when I plugged it back.

My question is how often does the compressor turn on on everyone's Sanyo 4912, 4912m, 4911s? I have mine controlled with a Johnson controller dialed to 44F and it seems like the compressor is running about every 30-45 minutes for maybe 5-10 minutes.

I did put a better bottle full of 5 gallons of Belgian Golden Strong into the fridge about 12 hours ago. It was probably 75 degrees when it went into the fridge. The fermometer on the side of the carboy says 46F.

Is my compressor running too much based on others' observations?


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