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surfacing623 01-02-2012 07:31 PM

Questions before upgrading to counterflow chiller
Hey everyone, I'd like some advice on upgrading from a 25' copper immersion chiller to a counterflow chiller (CFC).

I brew full-boil 5 gallon extract batches, and I recently received a brand new 10 gallon stainless steel brew kettle with valve. With this improved brew kettle I'd like a better (i.e. quicker) way to chill my wort.

I have this CFC in mind: Amazon.com: Super Efficient 25' Counterflow Wort Chiller -: Everything Else

...but I still have some basic questions:

Will a CFC be easier to keep sanitized than a plate chiller? I had planned on buying a plate chiller, but I read enough hop buildup horror stories to convince me otherwise.

I brew with pellet hops using a small hop bag. Is this sufficient to strain out hops with a CFC, or should I also invest in something like a bazooka screen? A bazooka screen would be a quick and relatively cheap addition to my new brew kettle, but I understand it isn't great with pellet hops. However, if used in conjunction with the hop bag, will this setup be adequate to prevent clogs/buildup in a CFC?

Also, would adding a bazooka screen (or any type of screen) impact the flow rate from the kettle so much that gravity feeding the CFC no longer becomes possible? I'm not prepared to invest in a pump just yet.

Any info is appreciated! Thanks

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