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jhbassgod 05-11-2009 07:10 PM

Question on Flyguy's Mash Tun
So I've been using a mash tun based on Flyguy's design for a while, and its been great. I'm in the process of of upgrading (mostly) everything in my setup to stainless steel, as well as using a pump and CFC. I have stainless 1/2" ball valves on my kettle and HLT, plan on putting quick disconnects on them, and I need a 1/2" fitting on the mash tun. The current valve on my mash tun is only 3/8", and I'm pretty sure that a 1/2" nipple wouldn't fit through the hole on my cooler, and I don't wanna mess around with boring it out. There is a stainless coupler that goes from 1/2" to 3/8", and my question is, would it be better to attach the coupler to the nipple and then a 1/2" ball valve to the coupler, or attach a 3/8" valve to the nipple and then the coupler to the ball valve? I guess I'm worried about flow issues. Or does it not really matter at all and I've been overthinking this?

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