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RichBrewer 09-30-2006 02:40 AM

Paint Ball Cylinder Regulator
This looks interesting but I wonder how long one tank will last? It might be especially handy for paint ballers.


kornkob 09-30-2006 03:05 AM

Well, let's do the math.

A 20 oz tank is a little more than a pound. At my local paintball joint they charge about $3 for a recharge of a CO2 tank. On the other hand, I've never heard of a paintball place bothering to look for hydro marks--- if there are any, I can't recall. -- so there are never costs of hydro tests.

Today I had my 5# tank fileld for $6.75. Hydro test and a fill for my older tank (1993 steel) was $15.00

I dunno-- if I played paintball, maybe it would be worth it cause I'd be able to make my spare tanks dual use.

Radarbrew 09-30-2006 03:14 AM

That's a pretty clever device, I have about 15 different size p-ball cylinders that hang out in the garage all winter.(don't play paintball at 10 below-ouch)
It's a good idea that I can use, and since the picture is so huge, I can go get parts and build one. Heh, Heh,.....

RichBrewer 09-30-2006 03:31 AM


Originally Posted by Radarbrew
It's a good idea that I can use, and since the picture is so huge, I can go get parts and build one. Heh, Heh,.....

Good point. A regular CO2 regulator adapted to fit the paint ball tanks would probably work.

david_42 09-30-2006 02:30 PM

It would certainly beat lugging a #5 tank to parties or a boxful of 12 gram carts. By the same token, there is almost always someone with a CO2 tank at the parties I go to.:D

It would also be nice for tight keggers.

Bernie Brewer 09-30-2006 03:31 PM

It is something to build, I wouldn't pay $200 for it like they are asking........

Jester4176 10-02-2006 04:42 PM

Therse can be built really cheap. The most expensive part(If you already have a regulator), is the adaptor for the tank. You need a special adapter to depress the pin on the tank. The cheapest I've found it is $15 here: http://ceisites.com/paintball/pbrefiller.html

Scroll halfway down the page to the Fill Station Parts. With my 15lb tank, I can carb/dispense at my place, as well as fill my 20oz tank(requires 2 of these adapters and a braided hose between them) to take to parties. And fyi, paintball tanks DO have a stamp date for hydro testing, but it's cheaper to replace them when out of date than to have them tested.

Flyin' Lion 10-02-2006 05:10 PM

Also note: that any steel cylinders less than 2" in dia. do not require hydro testing. I'll look up the proof later.

Desert_Sky 10-02-2006 05:33 PM

Nice I have like 5 of those 20oz paintball tanks.

Theres a nice 9 oz tank thats pretty small and very light. If I wanted easy moving, Id go with that one.

EdWort 10-02-2006 09:13 PM

I think it is cool, but way to pricey. You can get a dual gauge regulator at Micromatic for $36 and a single gauge for $32 (I'd go single gauge since I could weigh the bottle to determine how full it was plus it would be one less gauge to carry).

Williams Brewing wants over $80 for just the regulator when you can buy a new regulator and the adapter and up and running for under $50.

Here's an interesting site on using paintball cylinders for homebrew.
Using Paintball Cylinders for Kegging

The site also has info on filling them yourself. Now there's where you can save some serious bucks if you have your own 20# bottle.

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