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cwhill 01-01-2009 02:29 PM

New Brew Kettle selection help
Greetings and happy New Year everyone. Let's hope for a healthy and wealthy brewing year! :mug:
I have some $$ to spend and I am looking to replace my boil kettle. I would like to buy a stainless kettle, I do 5 gallon batches but know I should plan for future 10 gallon size. So with that in mind I'd love some feedback on what you all like to use for boil kettles that also have options for keeping protein and hops in the kettle instead of my fermenter. I'd like a valve on the kettle. I only use pellet hops currently and I siphon the beer from the brew kettle to the fermenter. I always get so much stuff and I'd like to reduce that with the help of the right pot. So thanks for any input.


hammer one 01-01-2009 02:46 PM

I'd get a Sanke keg to convert. Once you go Sanke you'll never go back. If you cant find one to convert check Adventures in homebrewing the have them ready to go for $139.99

wilserbrewer 01-01-2009 02:54 PM

Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Sandwich Bottom - 60Qt.

Blender 01-01-2009 03:10 PM

That's a pretty fair deal on the sanke keg for $139. There is also the option of the Mega Pots.

cwhill 01-01-2009 04:37 PM

What about false bottoms in these kettles? Do you have good luck using them to leave behind the "junk" after boiling? I know obviously some protein and hop stuff is good for yeast food but I'd prefer to leave much of it behind.

Blender 01-01-2009 05:02 PM

Pellet hops are difficult to strain with a false bottom or screen. A lot of brewers whirlpool the cooled wort and drain off the edge of the kettle. I like this idea for hop additions.

Here is the thread.

GOOCHY 02-08-2009 12:54 PM

With the Sanke converted kegs do you just screw on a valve?

15.5 Homebrew Kettle With One Weld Half Barrel

Orfy 02-08-2009 03:32 PM

If it's a couple then I think you need a nipple as well as the ball valve.
I use a nipple instead of a coupler so I fit the ball valve directly.

I think the latter is cheaper and more compact.

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