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panicbuttonguy 01-29-2013 06:00 PM

Need Pilot System input
Hey beer lovers,

I'm looking to purchase a bigger system then what I currently have (2 cooler systems). We are finishing up plans for a new brewery and are looking to make our first legit purchase. That purchase is going to be a pilot system. We would like it to be as automated as possible. Mainly to just make sure that we are eliminating all of the inconsistent variables possible.

The system that we were going to purchase was the MoreBeer! Single-Tier Sculpture 20 gallon with full digital package. But 6,000 is a big investment and just wanted to know if we should be going bigger or be looking someplace else.

Thanks for any input you can give us.

scottland 01-29-2013 08:16 PM

Investing in a nice single tier system would be a good start. You can always home-make the automation later. A couple PIDs, SSRs, temp probes, and ASCO valves are much cheaper than the pre-built automated systems.

Consider something like the morebeer single tier, and then check out some of the Brutus 10 brew systems. It wouldn't be hard to retro-fit. Plus when something breaks, you'll know where to source the parts.

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