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Brewer3401 08-14-2007 03:45 AM

Lesson learned..........again.
Entered 2 contests with a really good Blonde Ale. I bottled from my kegerator, having sanitized and purged the bottles with CO2.

I didn't know scores could be negative numbers. :confused:

Now I realize I had contaminated the beer by not sanitizing my kegerator lines and taps.

I normally use a beer gun, and sanitize the hell out of it and everything else. I've only screwed up bottling once before (long story, but along the same lines).

If fermentation temp is everything, being sanitary is everything right behind it.

Just wanted to pass this along. Any goof after flame out can be a great beer gone to schiess. (wonder if the Hitler youth profanity checker will catch that)

fifelee 08-14-2007 08:43 AM

That sucks. Thanks for the reminder. You probably saved some of us from the same fate.

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