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TMannion87 11-27-2012 02:35 AM

Johnson A19AAT-1C + Mini Fridge?
Sorry for the newbie question, but would I have any issue using a Johnson A19AAT-1C controller and a mini fridge as a fermentation chamber for ales only? I already have the mini fridge and can get the controller for $20. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


501irishred 11-27-2012 04:07 AM

Absolutely. In fact you should be able to lager (at least to the upper end) with it too if you so desire. The only draw back is it is single stage so you wont be able to use heat. If you plan on keeping it inside of your house (conditioned space) you should be fine. For $20 I wouldn't think twice - get it!

TMannion87 11-27-2012 04:47 AM

Thanks for your quick reply! Two quick questions - what do mean "able to use heat"? And are you referring to my house being conditioned during the summertime? Thanks again for your help.

Aa760 11-27-2012 05:08 AM

If the garage where you keep it gets too cold, then it can slow or stop fermentation. I am in San Diego and didn't think this would be a problem, but recently, the interior of the chamber dipped to 58, so the chamber got moved inside where ambient temp is above the temp I want to ferment at. Something to consider in planning location.

Also, check your depth of the chamber and be ready to build a collar on the front to allow for the entire carboy, but don't let that stop you. Go for it.

501irishred 11-27-2012 01:12 PM

Exactly right. I keep my fermentation fridge in the garage, and this time of year the heater I have inside the fridge runs but the fridge seldom does.

TMannion87 11-27-2012 04:34 PM

The fridge will be inside my apartment in Chicago. I'm stingy with the heat, but I'm assuming my ambient temps will be fine. On a side note, is there any ill effect from using a kegerator as a fermentation chamber? Not at the same time, but separately? I have a dedicated fridge on the way, but might have a batch done before it arrives. Thanks for all your help!

501irishred 11-27-2012 07:37 PM

Sure, if it fits, and you can maintain temp, your all good. Your bucket or carboy doesn't care in the least what it looks like. :rockin:

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