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JerD 07-21-2010 01:26 AM

How much gunk?
My pump has arrived and I'm curious to as how much gunk it will pass before problems occur. As of now, I use pellet hops and just throw them in the kettle. At the end of the boil I whirlpool the wort well and wait a few minutes. After I open the kettle valve, I drain the few couple of oz into a seperate jug until it clears. I drain the kettle into my fermentation vessel and stop the drain when the the flow goes from wort to crud. Can my pump handle the crud without problems

strat_thru_marshall 07-21-2010 01:33 AM

pellet hops have never given me any problems thru my pump. Leaf hops clog things like crazy.

If you whirlpool you should have no issues, most of the junk will collect in the center and not even make it to your pump. I usually start my whirlpool with 5 minutes left in the boil to sanitize everything, and by flameout im no longer getting any hop material thru the pump, its all collecting in the center.

I'd be cautious trying to pump something with a tremendous amount of hops...im sure enough sludge will clog any pump, but with normal amounts you should be fine.

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