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Raider-11 12-31-2010 03:33 AM

How to lighten your Sanke Keggle
Here is how I was able to lighten my sanke keggls by 5 lbs, by removing most of the top skirt but leaving the handles, first mark your handle lines with a sharpi, I measured from the center of handle opening 2" on each side at the top and 3" from center at the weld, this will give you a tapered handle that looks better then straight ones, now with a 1/16" thick 4 1/2" cutoff wheel cut along the line you made, take care near the weld not to cut into the keg top, stay 1/2" away from the weld with your through cut because the grinder may jump forward and cut into the keg, once you are through go back and carefuly cut the last 1/2" just enough to break free in the later steps. Now cut along the weld between the handle cuts, don't cut too deep, no deeper then the skirt is thick, once your cut is deep enough, place the keg up on a stable surface with the skirt hanging over the edge, if you don't already have them on put on your safty glasses and heavy leather gloves, with a hammer start hitting the skirt near the handle and if the your cut is deep enough the skirt should break free if not go back and cut a little deeper and try again, there you are 5 lbs lighter, now all you have to do is clean up the weld and the handles with a flapper wheel on your grinder and your done.
Handle layout__________________________________________________ _______________________Handle cut with 1/2" relief
Skirt cut__________________________________________________ ________________________Skirt relief cut makes removal easer.
Knocking skirt free
Job done

Bobby_M 12-31-2010 02:19 PM

It looks really good. The only reason I haven't done it is fear of screwing up a perfectly good pot and pure laziness.

Raider-11 12-31-2010 02:54 PM

I have used grinders with cut off wheels for years at work and at home but if you are careful and if possable practise on an old beatup keg it can be done successfully in less then 15 min per keg.

thebionicman 12-31-2010 03:43 PM

Hmm I really like this idea. That looks like a good project for today.

Hex 12-31-2010 03:45 PM

Photo's 'for members only'? links no worky for me.

Baldy_Beer_Brewery 12-31-2010 03:46 PM

Very nice.

woodstone 12-31-2010 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by Hex (Post 2513708)
Photo's 'for members only'? links no worky for me.

No worky me either. :confused:

XXguy 12-31-2010 04:18 PM

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Try this:

brewdogskip 12-31-2010 04:20 PM

Whoa! Torro bling kettle! That looks really interesting...

Raider-11 12-31-2010 04:34 PM

Thanks XXguy. I just signed up as a premium member so now I can now post pics with the message

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