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mesfet 05-21-2009 03:09 AM

How hot should a compressor get?
Reading these forums seems to reveal that the Sanyo 4912 is the most popular mini fridge to convert to a kegerator. Luckily I found a used 4910M on craigslist for $100. This was my first time using craigslist, and the picture of the fridge looked good. I was told the fridge was "clean" but I quickly found out that some people's definition of clean is very loose. The fridge did not smell, but everything was sticky, like a soda exploded in it or something. I was a little mad at myself because I still paid $100 for it :o but after I got home I found out it is actually a 4912 not a 4910, so I guess its a little newer than I thought. Also it cleaned up very well with hot water and a little bleach.

I had to lay it on its side to transport it, which made me a little worried about oil seeping into the coils. After letting it sit over night I let it run, and it works well. I can get it to about 35 deg F on setting 5, and I think it might get to freezing if I turn it up a little more. However when I put my hand on the compressor after a few minutes of being on it feels very hot. I cant keep my hand on it for more than about 5 seconds. If anyone else has this fridge, is this normal? Does your compressor get this hot? I pointed a fan at the compressor and this does keep it cool even when running.

david_42 05-21-2009 01:34 PM

If you can touch the compressor without getting burned, it is running cool.

mesfet 05-21-2009 03:26 PM

Thanks for the reply. It doesn't burn me, its just uncomfortably hot. I was just worried that the compressor could be damaged when I drove it 30 miles over crappy Massachusetts roads while it was on its side.

It cools great though, time to convert it to a kegerator! :mug:

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