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outside92129 07-19-2011 01:50 AM

Group Buy: Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra barrier line
a group buy is on, PM me with desired quantity if you want in. Pricing posted on tuesday.


Price will be your fraction of the total + $10 for USPS shipping from my house to you.

I'm assuming everyone wants 3/16". Let me know otherwise.

***************** EDIT 8/25/2011 *****************
Notes for future group buying of bev-seal (lessons for other group buys too). I edited the original post instead of putting it at the end to make it easier to find.

The west coast distributor for bev seal does not carry nor will they special order the 3/16 line, they'll only sell the 1/4". However the mid-west distributor has no problems shipping anywhere in the country. Jim is a very easy to deal with and i was happy to work with him:

Jim Sonin
APEX Beverage Equipment Distribution Group, LLC
Phone: 877-901-2739 (APEX)

As you know the line comes in 1000' spools. Drop shipping to California via UPS in the summer of 2011 was $40 for 2 rolls bundled together, and $30 for 1 roll. Accuflex only bundles up to 2 rolls per shipment, so buying an odd number like 5 spools would be $110 shipping. Line cost was approx $157 and it took about a week from order placement to arrival.

Without too much effort i could get 100' into a medium USPS flat rate box, 150 and 200 into a large flat rate, and 250 was best to fit into a large game-box flat rate (same price but you have to special order the boxes from USPS). 50ft will just barely fit into the USPS flat rate envelope but that takes a lot of time/effort. The rough breakdown of orders was:
50ft - 2%
100ft - 66%
150ft - 15%
200ft - 15%
250ft - 2%

For group line orders that have multiple boxes it's not too difficult to sell every last bit. You just have to juggle folks (and their various quantities) around into various boxes until each box has an exact 1000' sold. The line is length marked so counting it off isn't too bad.

Paypal worked reasonably well for the group buy, some people haven't used it in a while or were new to it so payment took a little longer. However after the groupbuy was completed i got some nasty e-mails from paypal saying my account would be disabled if i continued to use my account for business purposes. I asked folks in the buy to send the money as a gift so save money, 85% did so. If i had to do it again i'd do it as a paypal "good/services" and increase the price by ~3-4% so i wouldn't get stuck paying the commissions and also because of the paypal issues.

The HomeBrewTalk bunch are a good group of folks to work with. A few even chipped in to help me get SWMBO some flowers, 7 boxes of line took quite a bit of space for a week or so. Thanks guy, i surprised her at work with them! And out of fifty-something people in the group buy only 1 person flaked, but since this line is seriously hot stuff i was able to unload it quickly.

Thanks again ya'll!

outside92129 07-19-2011 03:58 PM

approx $0.20/ft + $10 for shipping, comes in 1000ft rolls for 3/16".

So obviously no buy if we're short, but if we get 1300' worth of buyers i'll buy 1 roll and the first 1000' of orders get fulfilled. So get your order in now to secure your buy!

CidahMastah 07-19-2011 05:59 PM

Outside - I am down PM sent -

100 feet 3/16
100 feet 1/4 '' (if there is interest)


IrregularPulse 07-19-2011 06:02 PM

Put me in for 100' if this goes through in the next month or 2. Any special tools required for cutting due to the glass lining?

CidahMastah 07-19-2011 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by IrregularPulse (Post 3099143)
Put me in for 100' if this goes through in the next month or 2. Any special tools required for cutting due to the glass lining?


also, do they post resistance rating?

I was thinking that I might be able to use 3/16 on my tower taps if the resistance is that much less. Now i use 15ft of 1/4 bevlex

rockytoptim 07-19-2011 06:18 PM

I'm in for 100' 3/16" as well. Let me know if you need me to PM you.

outside92129 07-19-2011 07:05 PM

I got all the posts above, that's good enough. Also a few PM's, we're almost at 1000' sold of 3/16 so it's a done deal on one roll so far.

There's some interest in 1/4, but only CidahMastah is committing to 100 though. I'll keep a 2nd list just in case.

I'm thinking of putting in the order July 29 to give everyone time to read/reply and will post to this thread everyone who's in. I should be able to have the tubing to everyone by the end of aug, shooting for sooner of course.

I'm slightly concerned about some old postings about the 3/16 not being manufactured even though it is listed on the mfg website. The standard distributor (Manitowoc) won't sell it, but Accuflex/Kuriyama then pointed me to APEX and they say they can get it. Worst case is that we're out nothing except the time to do these postings.


CidahMastah 07-19-2011 07:09 PM

Hopefully they can get it but, if in the case that they can't would people be willing to bump up to 1/4'' line? To add resistance you could use the twizzle sticks on mcmaster.

I am really looking forward to this line, been hearing a lot about it, just good luck this buy started up when it did.

Thanks for getting this off the ground outside!

jerdes 07-19-2011 08:17 PM

PM sent, I'm in for 100' of 3/16".

ScottishPete 07-19-2011 08:32 PM

Put me down for 100' of 3/16 thanks

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