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outside92129 08-05-2011 08:33 PM

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Well shucks, the line arrived today, all 6 boxes. The funny thing is that i haven't been billed yet since the reseller hasn't been able to get the drop shipping costs from Accuflex. The reseller says he'll know early next week but is estimating $20-$30/box, which is $0.02-$0.03/ft prorated. I can start shipping line tomorrow via USPS large-flat rate if you want to use the formula to pay now:

$0.1576/ft (line cost) + $0.03/ft (drop ship to me) + $14.95 (USPS flat rate to you, $10.95 for 100ft)

which comes out to:
$29.71 for 100ft
$43.09 for 150ft
$52.47 for 200ft
$61.85 for 250ft

You can also wait until next week to get the exact pricing, it may come down $1 per order. 100ft ships in USPS medium flat rate, it barely fits. 150ft+ requires the large flat rate box.

PM me for my personal e-mail to paypal-gift me, i'm just a little sensitive about privacy and hackers and whatnot. I'll need the following:

  • Home Brew Handle/login (what i've been using to track your orders)
  • name
  • address
  • email

And when you send payment please do it as a gift. Otherwise i get screwed and have to pay a commission to paypal. Feel free to add to the SWMBO flower fund, i'm overdrawn on the brownie points and will need something to ease the... well, she'll find out tonight what i've been up to with ya'll : )

update on boxes: none of the local USPS locations have the large thin-flat rate boxes, only the large-short fat ones. I ordered 40 of them two weeks ago and they haven't arrived, should be here soon but folks waiting for 150ft and up may have to wait a few more days.

SankePankey 09-14-2011 12:16 PM

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Hey Folks-

Just wanted to share my line lengths in the kegerator for anyone who cares. I may tweak the specs a little bit (which is why I made so many of them) but all 5 are really pouring nice as is, so. Here they are and what's on tap. I'm sure you can guess I made the small ones first, not on purpose.

6 PSI - 7'
7 PSI - 8'
8 PSI - 9'
9 PSI - 10'
10 PSI - 11'
11 PSI - 12' - Oatmeal Stout
12 PSI - 13'
13 PSI - 14' - Belgian PA
14 PSI - 16' - RyeIPA
15 PSI - 18'
16 PSI - 20'
23 PSI - 30' - Berliner Weisse
30 PSI - 40' - Seltzer

(actually, my seltzer is at 35 PSI and I like it to pour a little faster since there's no foam. 40' works good)

Some folks were reporting that 20ft for 12.5 PSI was appropriate. I'm not finding that. I don't have that much head/rise though. Got 5 kegs in a 7.2 magic chef, so like 6" head and ~ 12" distance from taps. Chamber is at 40 degrees.

Also, the method described before using a heat gun, screwdriver, dunking in water, etc. has yielded that many sets (so times 2 - for a total of 26 barbs) with ZERO leaks or do overs. No clamps. And the line is pretty rigid, so during the install there were plenty of opportunities for a leak to be sprung (from manhandling and placement).

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