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benko 08-06-2009 03:54 PM

Getting beer/wort to flow properly through tubing.
Couldn't find much in a search about this. It sounds really simple and I feel slightly retarded about asking this, but does anyone have a technique for making sure that when I drain beer from my carboy into my keg via a spigot and gravity, that the beer completely fills the tubing and flows quietly into the keg? Last night I was kegging a batch, and the beer just kind of ran down the walls of the tubing, causing a lot of oxygenation. I couldn't get it to completely fill the diameter of the tube. I'm sure it's something really simple, but I couldn't figure it out.

chuggs 08-06-2009 04:23 PM

If you pinch the end of the tubing...it will give the bubble a chance to rise up through the spigot...and completely fill the tubing with liquid.

I find when using a racking cane...I occaisionally have to do a series of little pinch & releases on the tubing where it joins the racking cane to get the bubble to detach and flow out through the tubing. More of an aggravation than anything.

If the bubbles get stuck...it means that your flow is balanced with the bubble...you either have to slow it down and let the bubble go up and out...or speed it up to flush the bubble down and out.

Hope that helps you ward off those pesky little devils...

Also be aware that even a freshly brewed batch of beer will have some co2 disolved in it...if these come out of solution where there's a disruption in flow...it's Okay...it won't oxidize the beer.

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