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nathan 06-01-2008 01:06 AM

GE Freezer Model, anyone have? (24.9 CuFt)
Model# FCM25DTWH

It's on "internet special" at home depot for 674.10 (plus shipping), I could probably get the same price at my local store, and wife is okay with purchase.

Anyone using this one? Will it hold a dozen cornies?

nathan 06-01-2008 01:22 AM

an exact same size frigidaire is $578 at Lowe's

beerthirty 06-01-2008 01:31 AM

buy a used one. I just picked up a 23 cf kenmore on craigslist. It was used inside the house not in the garage for $110. I'm going to through a collar on it tomorrow so I can store my new conical in it.

nathan 06-01-2008 02:03 AM

The only one in the last 6 weeks at this size on Craig's List is $500, and dented, while the Lowes one is $578 with the year warranty... I might even be able to get free delivery out of it.

I see a lot of small ones, but after having some problems with a used upright freezer, I'm spooked on risking my beer in one. Especially since this will likely hold 8-12 lagering cornies at any given time, maybe 6-9 with space to force carb a few kegs at once as well. It'll be nice to have the minimum 1 year warranty on it.

My wife is okay with it since today we just found one of those french door bottom freezer refrigerators, 25cuft, marked down from 1499 to 849 because it had a long dent-scratch on the lower back of one side. Since that side is invisible with it installed in the house, it made no difference to us. :) I inherited the old fridge for my garage/brewery/workshop, which is nice. It's older, but it works fine.

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