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Originally Posted by ODI3 View Post
rather than using a T, why not just use one tube and attach a smaller or bigger tube to the end to suck on. Once the syphon is up close to the attached tube, just clamp it, remove the piece you had your mouth on and then remove clamp to start syphon.
I just sanitize a turkey baster. Take my standard racking cane and hose. Stick the racking cane in the wort, and the sanitized turkey baster in the end of the hose. Squeeze all the air out of the baster before you put the hose on it.

Then let the turkey baster suck the wort up the racking cane, and pull the baster off before the wort gets that far. It's easier than the auto siphon, and much easier to clean.
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Forgive me if the answer is in the thread, I am having trouble with the new search finding good results, my question is where can you find the "cheap plastic hose clip". Is there another name for it? I have struck out at the big box hardware stores and amazon. Thanks!


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I couldn't find one either, so just fold the tubing back on itself and keep it crimped with a rubber band or a big paper clamp.

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Just saw this and what a marvelous idea. I lost the little cap that goes on the end of my autosiphon and now it's useless. I'm going to steal the racking cane part out of it and use the T piece as well as some more tubing. Should work! Thanks guys, this forum NEVER lets me down!

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good call

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Has anyone tried adding the check valve to the tube you suck on? I think this sounds like a perfect idea.

Also I have some SS tube left over from another project, so I was thinking of cutting it to a length that would fit down to the bottom of both my carboys and bottling bucket to attach to the new vessel hose via a hose clamp. This would solve the issue of the tube curling.

That would put my racking cane cmoing out of vessel a.. using the T siphon w/ check valve to create flow into vessel b with SS tube.


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Originally Posted by dougf View Post
Used it last night, and screwed it all up. Ended up leaving about 6 beers worth in the primary because I was just pissed. Got suckback that went down to the keg a couple times, hose curled, couldnt control its depth, end kept coming up and losing the siphon, amp didnt work causing massive air to get into the beer going into the keg, overall disaster, I probably should have practiced more first.
I couldn't even get the siphon going.
Absolute disaster.
I pinched the end that goes into the bottling bucket, sucked the T portion, then let go of the bucket end
while pinching the T-portion I had applied suction to.
The next time the fluid only went into the T and the fermenter end.
Using 3/8 ID hose, large binder clip, and followed all recommendations for relatively short lengths.
The feed end is connected to a thin racking tube.

Then I tried several times to start a siphon the old fashioned way with the racking tube with 3/8 ID hose.
No go.

Ended up pouring the beer through a metal screen coffee filter
into a Mr. Beer bucket.
Thank goodness I have two of them.
I will fill the bottles from the Mr. Beer containers.

I'm buying an autosiphon!
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I was looking for a regular auto siphon in my country, but with no luck. I found only plastic telescopic tube with hose for 10$, which I bought. But I needed to start siphoning somehow. I found this thread and wanted to create this great T solution, but I could not find anywhere proper T piece. So I came up with another solution, same as with turkey baster mentioned few posts before and it is working great and so easy to use and clean. But guess what? Nobody sells turkey baster in my country! But I found great substitution, which you can find in drugstore or in medical supplies, called Ear syringe ball. The great thing is that you can attach any hose size. Just get proper ballon size to suck enough air in one attempt. And it is also super cheap, just 3$!

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Ok, I hate starting a siphon when racking. I always seem to have a bit of air trapped at the top of the cane that draws into the wort.
This is a great idea for starting a full draw in the hose, but I think it could be better yet.
What if you used a 3-Way Ballvalve instead of the Tee? Like:
That way once the flow passes through the BV, it can be turned to flow to the carboy and prevent any risk of contamination.
I'm gonna haveta getme one to try it out...

P.S. The nose sucker above looks like it might work also, but what if you had something like a fuel line priming bulb? -The check valves may be a bit of a bitch to sanitize...

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Someone mentioned it in an above reply, but someone should make a short youtube video demonstrating the method of starting the siphon. I think I get it, but it would help others understand the construction and method used in starting it. This would be a great way to show off all of the adjustments other people made such as the 3 way valve and turkey baster method. I used the word "method" in every sentence. I want to say method again.


Love the idea, by the way. Will be trying this soon. Sooooo sick of my auto-siphon.

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