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7Enigma 05-07-2008 04:37 PM

Fantastic deal on turkey fryer!! (for boiling wort)
EDIT: Deal is NOW DEAD, price is $70.

So I've brewed one batch of beer with a smaller than needed pot. It was not fun, constantly stirring and changing the heat level. I've been trying to find a good price on a large pot but have been met with incredibly expensive cookware ($50-150)! I'm actually brewing an Oatmeal Stout this afternoon with a friends 5 gallon pot but came across this fantastic deal on a turkey cooker.

When I was over my dad's friend's house a couple weeks ago he opened my eyes to the fantastic method of brewing outdoor with a propane turkey frier. This thing made everything so much easier. You don't have to worry about the steam/smell filling the house, spills, cramped working spaces, etc. Also the propane setup can heat the wort MUCH faster and you can get almost instantaneous temp control.

So I found this on Amazon and was immediately attracted to the price (but the 2 out of 5 stars had me wary). It turns out the description did not match the pictures and several people gave it horrible reviews because it didn't include some fish frier (like I care). Apparently due to the bad reviews it seems Amazon has dropped the price to make it more attractive (it worked for me). To top it off it is eligable for the Free Supersaver shipping so the 22lb ($20 shipped to my house) which would have made the deal only semi-good is shipped for free.

For $36 (EDIT: Now down to $30.72) I get a much more enjoyable way to brew my beer. Here's the link if anyone else is interested, but I had to share this if other people were dissapointed with the thought of spending a lot of money on a pot (especially just getting into the hobby).

HTH :tank:


brrman 05-07-2008 05:20 PM

I'd say 90% of homebrewers brew their first full 5 gal boil using a turkey fryer kit.

brewt00l 05-07-2008 05:22 PM

Walmart....39 bucks & instant gratification.

lustreking 05-07-2008 05:44 PM

I have the same burner (Eastman Revolution), and it's much nicer than the cheap turkey fryers you can find anywhere. Even though it doesn't look like it will, it will fit a keg on it.

The 30 qt pot that it comes with is still pretty small for a full boil, so don't expect to look away from it while you're boiling.

nealf 05-07-2008 05:48 PM

This is the exact one that I use; got it for $25 from Lowe's on clearance one day. Boilovers are a definite concern for sure so make sure you have your spray bottle on hand during the first twenty minutes or so. That said, I've used it for about 5 or 6 brews and boiling 6.5 gallons is tricky but can be done if you watch it like a hawk.

Tankard 05-07-2008 07:18 PM

Aluminum = alzheimers. :D

Sweet T 05-07-2008 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by Brew Dude (Post 669107)
Aluminum = alzheimers. :D

I'd like to hear more on this. Anyone else have an opinion?

jpsloan 05-07-2008 07:36 PM

I figure the alcohol will kill my brain cells quicker than the aluminum.

At least, that's what I keep repeating to myself... :drunk:

evandam 05-07-2008 08:13 PM

Thanks, ordered one today.

conpewter 05-07-2008 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by Brew Dude (Post 669107)
Aluminum = alzheimers. :D

Check out this thread.


- Aluminum pots will cause Alzheimer's disease. FALSE. This myth was debunked years ago by the medical research community, and the US National Institutes of Health and Health Canada have long since ruled out a connection between Alzheimerís disease and aluminum cookware. If you donít believe me, see the following:

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