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Yooper 09-06-2012 11:50 AM

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Originally Posted by NCGrayson View Post
sorry for the sweet bump...... I'm about to get a 10 gallon cooler to jump into all grain. I have a sanke waiting to become my MLT but right now i'm not ready to drop the coin on direct firing and recirculating it. I want to get my technique down before I worry about maintaining temps.

so back to the original question, for the sake of saving money, is there a false bottom that will fit my rubbermaid 10 gallon and also work equally well on my domed sanke in the near future? the only thing i can think of is a domed false bottom for a flat cooler will have much more dead space in a oppositely domed sanke.
Yes, I have the 12" false bottom for my Igloo cooler, and it fits my sanke MLT as well. It's a little small, but it covers the convex bottom of the sanke.

I have it turned into a bottom draining MLT now, so there is no diptube, but it could have a diptube.

Here's a photo:
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