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deavir 12-05-2012 02:33 AM

Ebulliometer Question for beer
I am purely a Beer brewer but I got my hands on an Ebulliometer. The Dujardin-Salleron Alcohol Burner style one. Wondering if one: this worked with beer like wine (not sure why it wouldn't) and two: also missing the calculation disc so is there an excel sheet or just an equation for that calculation? The disc replacements are $40ish, which seems silly.

StMarcos 12-05-2012 08:07 AM

You boil some water first and measure the boiling temperature. This accounts for the atmospheric pressure. The disk allows you to compute the ethanol% of your samples with this information in mind. Be sure to rinse the chamber with some sample before adding the full volume. Not sure how much the residual sugar in beer would alter the boiling points. Try a few commercial examples (sierra?) to see how well it works for beer. You do need to account for the atmospheric pressure. A few tenths of a degree off and the ethanol% can be off by as much as a %. Google up an ethanol water phase diagram and zoom in on the region of interest.

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