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tubbydonut 11-21-2012 11:55 AM

Cornelius ball lock keg not pressurizing receiving Co2 through ball lock disconnect
I just purchased a reconditioned ball lock keg. It was formerly a pin lock keg that was converted into the ball lock keg.

I bought gas and liquid ball lock disconnects with the barb attachments.

Before racking, I was successfully able to purge the keg with CO2, and the keg also held pressure.

I then racked my beer (first time ever kegging and my 1st keg). However, I took off the gas ball lock disconnect before doing this.

I then re-attached the gas ball lock disconnect snugly. I turned on the CO2 to psi of 20, but the keg wouldn't pressurize at all. It was like the CO2 wasn't even going in through the ball lock disconnect. It clearly was able to before I racked. The only thing I did was take the disconnect off and re-attached it later. I'm not sure if there is something wrong with the gas in poppet valve.

Just to test -- I took off the ball lock disconnect, and pressed the valve within the disconnect, and sure enough pressurized CO2 came out. I then reconnected the ball-lock disconnect, and still the corny is not getting any CO2. Has this happened to anyone? I tried various Psi settings (10, 15, 20, 30) with no success. One time I was able to get a smidge of air in there.

I know my system has no leaks. When I turn off the Co2 tank, the regulator can maintain pressure for hours.

This corny system by the way does not have a manual release valve because it was a pin lock system that was converted. Thus, it only has a static valve that activated when the pressure gets really high (like 120 psi or something). But I can tell no pressure is in the tank because opening the corney lid is really easy, and when I press down on the gas in poppet no CO2 is released.

Any help would be appreciated.

I just ordered another set of disconnects with the MFT since I figured that would be better in the future.

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