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IHA-Brew 04-10-2007 02:42 PM

Conical Fermenter Blow Off System?
Hi everyone. I got a 7gal Fermenator about a month ago and it was awesome to brew with. It comes with a "blow off" setup which is a little elbow fitting that goes in the rubber stopper for the airlock and then you connect tubing etc... I just went with the airlock since I was doing a five gal batch and not using a starter or repitching yeast. I was wondering if anyone has done 6.5 gal batches and developed a better blow off system for a conical. ie one that isn't so small in diameter and likely to plug up. Also I was wondering if anyone had a good burton union system to allow for beer to flow back and maybe capture yeast. Ideas?


WortMonger 11-10-2007 07:37 PM

Here's a good start for ideas.

This is my design for a sanke keg fermenter BU.

runhard 11-10-2007 08:30 PM

I like the design, how close are you to a prototype? I'd love to know how well it works.

WortMonger 11-10-2007 08:36 PM

All, I have to do is mic the opening of the keg good and tell the guy to make it. He fixes hydraulic cylinders so he has a ton of this nylon laying around for frictionless bearings and whatnot. He also has lots of stainless tubing and the grommets and gaskets I would need. I haven't had it made because I still can't produce 15+ gallons on my system without a double brew day.

WortMonger 12-14-2007 07:00 PM

Maybe a little different and more simple approach???
Ok, so I got this idea and thought I would share in a relevant Burton Union thread. I was thinking of hooking a 3 liter pop bottle to my Sanke fermenter as a collection only reservoir (bulk head type fitting with blow off input attached at center bottom of pop bottle), and plumb in a "pressure cooker/canner" steam vent pipe
and multi-weight regulator
through the bottle cap (for a 5-6.5 gallon you could probably use a smaller bottle and use a simple air lock through the bottle cap). Basically, I am thinking that the blow off would go up into the bottle and then everything would fall back into the fermenter just like using a bigger fermenter. Like creating artificial head space, lol. I am not thinking about yeast collection or anything like that with this design, just collecting closer to my fermenter volumes worth of finished beer. Hummm, using pop bottles and the canner/cooker's pressure release system, I could handle 15 psi I need for my pressurized fermentation setup.
Then (for my system of fermenting only), I could just un-tap the fermenting keg and let it self pressure up to 30 psi +/-, crash cool the keg and the device (if there is any liquid in it, if not I would just clean it for next time), and let it go a week. Finally, I guess I could carefully add back the beer (if any) in the device to the serving keg and pressure up the serving keg to the same pressure I have chosen to have the fermenting keg set at. Since my serving keg would be pre-purged of O2 prior to filling with the beer from the device, and re-pressurizing before counter pressure transfer of the fermenter, any O2 would get pushed out once the keg was full of ready to age beer.
The pop bottle is a simple to manipulate media for DIY, and for a (normal) non pressure system and a double hole stopper, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work wonderfully for a wort recovery device for a carboy brewer. I had to write how I would be using it to kinda think it out loud:D I am such a nerd/technigeek.

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