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iMarkSkinner 07-28-2013 04:23 PM

Co2 Regulator for King Keg in fridge
Hi. Please go easy on me here I'm a total noob at this sort of thing so assume I know next to nothing when posting responses.

I have a king keg top tap with the valve that takes hand held cylinders (Hambleton Bard Super 30) not the mini bulbs, I've recently purchased a fridge to place the keg in to keep my beer cool but didn't consider topping up the gas when I got it, there's no clearance to get the cylinder over the keg without taking it out of the fridge (only about 3cm clearance), and I don't want to keep dragging it out and disturbing the sediment to top it up.

I done some googling and it would appear that getting a Co2 regulator is the way to go, that way I could leave the cyclinder beside the keg in the fridge and not worry about the gas until its empty. Unfortunately due to the aforementioned noobishness I have no idea where to start, could someone please point me in the right direction perhaps with some links for the correct type of regulator and what adapters/tubing I would need.

Many thanks for any help

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