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GregKelley 01-16-2013 02:57 PM

Camlock - type C
I've decided to go with camlocks. I'm getting the Type A to connect to my valves and pump. I am looking to use Type C for connection to my 1/2" hoses. However, I have been reading that they might be restrictive as the hole is just under 3/8".

I do 5 gallon batches. Right now my plan is to use these camlocks for my recirculating immersion chiller.

Has anyone had slow flow rates with these Type C camlocks or other problems with them?

abarker8541 01-16-2013 03:12 PM

Look at bobby_m's site when it comes back online. He now has a big C.

Bobby_M 01-16-2013 03:25 PM

Big C you say? Sorry, I know it's tease since the website is still down but it's worth the wait, I promise.

GregKelley 01-16-2013 03:29 PM

I did see the Big C on Bobby's site. My question is more of is the flow that much slower with the standard C especially with just a 5 gallon batch? I'm just trying to weigh the cost vs performance.

Thanks, guys.

Bobby_M 01-16-2013 05:06 PM

It's more an issue given the use of a pump. Having two restrictive type C's on the flow path of a pump inlet line is enough (in my opinion and experience) to cause more pump cavitation than if you have full flow components all the way through. IMHO, the cost difference between regular C and big C (over the long run of system use) is practically zero.

GregKelley 01-16-2013 05:13 PM

Thanks Bobby. I will have to compare the prices tonight when I have more time. For what it is worth, I will be putting a valve on the outlet to my chugger pump to control the speed of the flow (as was recommended to me).

GregKelley 01-17-2013 01:47 PM

Bobby - does your 1/2" ID silicone tubing fit over the big C even though the big C has an OD of 5/8"? I'm assuming it stretches?

mpride1911 01-17-2013 06:15 PM

I have the stock C from Bargainfittings.com. Honestly they were the first that I'd ever used. They work fine, but as I've never used anything else I can't say if they're better or worse than anything else. 2 of my hoses have these on both ends and are only used during the wort cooling process and 4 of my hoses only have these on one end and a ball valve with a threaded camlock on the other end.

Bobby_M 01-18-2013 06:09 PM


Originally Posted by GregKelley (Post 4795011)
Bobby - does your 1/2" ID silicone tubing fit over the big C even though the big C has an OD of 5/8"? I'm assuming it stretches?

Yes, I have this in the text on the website as well. Hundreds of users have already stretched silicone tubing over the threads of 1/2" NPT which is over 3/4" OD. Over the meager 5/8" OD, it slips on like a snug glove.

Gunfighter04 01-18-2013 06:31 PM


Do you know what size oetiker clamp would fit over the big C with 1/2 ID Silicon hose?

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