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ianw58 12-15-2012 07:04 PM

Braided Tube vs. Domed False Bottom vs. Flat False Bottom?
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I've spend the last couple hours pouring through every thread on the site as well as a Google search looking for information on on false bottoms. I've poured through every book, magazine and manual I have. I haven't found the answers to my questions.

The level of information here is incredibly high, easily the equivalent of a graduate level seminar. So, I turn to you ladies and gentlemen...

Here's my situation:

I'm pulling together the parts for a Kal-clone style eHERMS system.

I just bought three 60 quart SS pots through eBay. I got a great deal, $75 each. I had a field crew in LA so I had them pick the pots up rather than spend an extra $75 for shipping...I'm a cheap b@$tard.

The pots are 16 3/8" diameter by 16 1/2" high. They are not clad bottoms, which is fine for my intended use in an all electric system.

The walls are quite a bit thicker than I thought they would be. We recently moved and I'll be darned if I can find my mic to measure the thickness. However, they will easily withstand the toils and pressures of weldless fittings. They're not as thick as a keggle, but still substantial.

Obviously, the set up will be a Hot Liquor Tank / Mash-Lauter Tun / Boil Kettle.

With an electric recirculation mashing system, I'm not worried about scorching of grain or caramelization of wort in the MLT.

I have yet to settle on fly sparge v. batch sparge, so this might affect your comments and would be of great interest to me, also.

Here's the question:

In the MLT What are the advantages / disadvantages of a

How does each affect the efficiency of the mash?

Does the increase in screen area increase flow through on sparge?

In short, with a number of areas to economize, is the method of screening grain one of them?

Is a bazooka tube as good as a custom sized flat false bottom?

Is there enough of a difference in efficiency/ease of use/etc. to warrant a custom made bottom as opposed to a 12"doomed false bottom?

Is a 9" false bottom less efficient than a 12" one?

Thank you for your time reading this and thank you for your answers! I am really looking forward to your posts.

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