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austinb 09-13-2012 09:47 PM

Anyone use the BG12 burner (bayou classic sq14) for 10 gallon batches?
I have been looking into outfitting the BG12 burner into my burner stand. It is the same burner that is used in the bayou classic SQ14 burner and stand. I was wondering if anyone uses this burner for 10 gallon batches and if so approximately how long does it take to boil? Thanks.

LandoLincoln 09-13-2012 09:52 PM

50,000 BTU's? Yeesh. That's kinda small. Bringing 10 gallons to boil with only 50,000 BTU's would definitely take you a while. If I were you, I'd keep looking.

I've got a 180k burner and a 210k burner for my 10 gallon batches. The 210 is a bit of overkill, but the 180 is nice.

austinb 09-14-2012 01:05 AM

I guess I'll have to check with the wife on the BG14...its quite the jump in price though from about $15 for the BG12 to $45 for the BG14

NCGrayson 09-14-2012 04:24 PM

I own the SQ14 and it takes me ~ 55 minutes to bring 10+ gallons to a boil.

deaton83 09-14-2012 11:09 PM

I have a BG12 and it takes about 45min to get 12 gallons to a boil. I am looking at getting the BG14.

wncbrewer 09-15-2012 01:30 PM

as has been said, it takes a while but it can be done. I have roughly 30 ten gallon batches on my sq14. That being said, I just graduated to bg14's and like them a lot better

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