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jgaepi 12-18-2012 06:38 PM

Adjusting Monster Mill 2.0
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So the Monster Mill 2.0, that I waited over 5 weeks to finally receive, came out of adjustment. I am attaching the standard stock photo to help explain my question. So looking at it from this angle, the adjustable roller on the right was not tightened down out of the box and spins freely. The front knob that you see on the right was not tightened down but the knob in the back, that can't be seen, was hand tightened. When I try to tighten this front knob, it does not seem to catch. So I am not sure which direction CW or CCW is used to tighten that knob.

I also need to buy feeler gauges now - yeah, I love buying additional cr@p - just to use an item out of the box. Should I tighten with the gauge in the gap?

The manufacturers inst are pretty pathetic and primarily focus on the 3.0. Clearly that is what they wanted me/you to buy.

Please help so I can get this $180 item to just work ... Thanks.

First impressions thus far - quality/appearance 9/10, while having spoken to customer service a few times to actually get the item they get a 1/10.

iandh 12-18-2012 09:20 PM

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I have the same mill. I'm not sure I follow what you are doing, but here is how I would adjust the gap.

A) Loosen the thumb screws (labeled 1 in the picture).

B) Set the gap with the end nobs (labeled 2 in the picture). These rotate 360 degrees so they don't "tighten".

C) Tighten the thumb screws (labeled 1 in the picture).

On a side note, I was have trouble with the gap staying consistent. Over time the gap would grow. I talked to Monster Mill who sent me some hex headed replacement bolts to replace the thumb screws.

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