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SAS98M 03-12-2011 10:27 PM

23 jet burner question
Hey out there in homebrew land..... Who's using the 23 jet burner style burner and how's it workin' for ya ?? I acquired one last week-used but in workable shape(from a place that I know burns propane.....(rules that out right away...) I cleaned this one up and mounted it into my cooker base hooked it up to a regulator and test fired it-origional test went real well(I was really surprised at how much this baby heated) . I cooked off a batch of DFH 60 min. today and got real heavy sooting of both my water kettle and my keggle...Could it be the way it's mounted ? Could it be a lack of oxygen once there is a pot on the cooker ? I don't know.....

I figured I'd ask here knowing somebody has got to be using the same set-up and had maybe the same type troubles...... Any body got pics of their mounting /application of this burner ? Lemme know. Thanks in advance. Shane

djsethall 03-13-2011 05:28 AM

Make sure you leave plenty of space between the burner and the pot. Also adjust your flame so you dont have yellow flames (thats what causes the soot)

SAS98M 03-13-2011 05:26 PM

Any thoughts on "swiss cheesing" or cutting a series of holes around the keggle base (where the base ring meets the body) with a "shark" hole saw ? I was thinkin maybe 3/4 inch holes so as to give the flame/heat some form of relief and lessen the ability for the flames to curl downward being stuck in the keg base and allow for oxygen entry .
I don't think that with this burner heat "loss" would be a problem...my thought is that the flame would have more passage/venting and less turbulance under the keg. Lemme know. Shane

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