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Bisco_Ben 08-18-2012 10:24 PM

10 gallon batches on a stovetop?
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Hey guys, so here is my situation. I want to step up to 10-12 gallon batches from my current 5-6 gallon setup, but have not been enjoying brewing outside with my bayou classic burner due to the extra hassel and time added to my brewday. So i experimented a bit and put my 15 gallon stockpot on the stove to see if I could use 2 burners to get these bigger batches boiling inside. So I did a test with just water and I got it to a very weak but bubbling boil which hovered right around 211, maaaybe touching 212 here and there. I also boiled off 2 gallons in one-hour from a 10-gallon boil, as opposed to the 1 gallon evaporated in my 5-6 gallon setup, even though they are on the same stove. SOOO my question is, does this sound right and acceptable to you guys? A weaker boil concerns me a little bit but if I am boiling off 2 gallons in an hour there must be at least a somewhat decent boil going, right? Also, is 2 gallons per hour an unheard of amount to be boiling off? The pot is much wider than tall which I am assuming could account for such a high boil-off rate. Let me know if you guys think this is an acceptable brew-setup considering the boil-strength and unusual evaporation rate. Here is a picture for educational purposes (the bucket is there to show the size of the stockpot).

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