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Texastrooper 02-17-2013 01:54 AM

10 gallon or 8 gallon mash tun?
I am looking for a mash tun for my gravity system to brew 5 gallon batches. I currently have been using DIY converted sanke kegs which are great and cheap. But I like to move to a smaller kettle based mash tun, which is:
- lighter than that heavy sanke keg
- has a false bottom which I can easily lift out without tools
- does not clog as easy
- does not leave as much mash in the tun
I am looking for a mash kettle to brew only 5 gallon batches.
I just wonder if I should get a 8 or 10 gallon kettle. Is an 8 gallon kettle big enough for a mash tun?
Does the 10 gallon kettle still provide good efficiency without too much "dead space" underneath the false bottom?


thadius856 02-17-2013 01:57 AM

What's the highest gravity beer you plan to brew?

At 1.5 qt/lb, a 5 gallon 1.120 brew takes 35 qts, not accounting for deadspace. Assuming zero deadspace, the most grain you could fit in an 8 gallon is 1.080. Big IPAs can push well past that.

Neither will be able to make a 5 gallon batch of Barleywine.

Cyclman 02-17-2013 04:18 AM

+1, if you plan to do any "big" beers, go for a bigger tun. Extra space never hurts, and the incremental cost isn't huge.

Texastrooper 02-17-2013 05:47 PM

I also got me a large 16 gallon tun which for future 10 gallon brews but in this kettle the false bottom sits about 3 inches of the ground. 3 gallon dead space underneath. To mash in with 5 gallons this leaves me only 2 gallons on top. This is barely enough to cover the grain.
Meaning I am ok with a larger pot as long is the false bottom sits low enough.

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