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  • Altbier

    the linkhttp://www.matweecha.net/beer/altbier.htmBrew Profile for:Alt Bier Einsfor 10 GallonsNotes:K=15gallonsStrike TemperatureF 1621' Plato=~.52% ABVMash Water: 8.75 galTarget Gravity1.06010' Plato=

  • Super So Uncommen

    Fermentables:8.5# Maris Otter1.5# American Crystal 40#1.5# Biscuit (Dingemans)Hops schedule :East Kent Goldings (pellets) 1oz boil 60min IBU: 27.5 Alpha 0.077Cluster (pellets) 0.5oz 20min IBU:7.6 Alph