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Website URL: https://github.com/HanSolo/SteelSeries-Canvas

Site Title: HanSolo/SteelSeries-Canvas · GitHub

Site Description: SteelSeries-Canvas - The HTML5 Canvas port of the SteelSeries component library. Mainly contains gauges.

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  • Looking For Software Developer Input...

    I'm hoping a software developer or two (I know you guys are out there) can chime in on whether this makes sense or not.As part of my brewing setup, I want to use an Arduino Mega with Ethernet to handl

  • I talked the talk... and now...

    I won a ChipKIT (Arduino-alike) and Wifi shield in a competition at Dangerous Prototypes expressing the wish to build a web-enabled HERMS brewery.Now it's arrived in the post -- time to get down to wo