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January 14, 2013


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February 23, 2013 at 06:00 PM
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7777 Greenbriar st
I'm offering an informal intro to homebrewing class at 12 pm on February 23, 2013. This class is ideal for people who have never homebrewed, brewed a few batches or those who want to make the transition to all-grain. Homebrewing may seem daunting but cracking open a bottle of beer that exactly suits your taste, a beer that cannot be found anywhere else on earth, is simply an unparalleled joy. I'm an all-grain brewer who formulates his own recipes. Thus I am qualified to elucidate the mysteries of all-grain brewing and teach the basics of recipe design such as IBU and OG calculations (all of which I do by hand). I have brewed many beer styles including bock, double IPA, oatmeal stout, hefeweizen, sour saison and many more. An important part of this class will be beer sampling. In order to understand beer you have to drink beer!

Think of me as a brewing tutor. Am I a professional brewer? No but like a tutor I can give you the interactive experience you can't get from a book alone. So if you have have been curious about how to homebrew or just want to step up your homebrewing game while enjoying a few beers (which will be provided free of charge) then email me at for more information (such as my apartment #). Also I'm a available for one on one brewing lessons in which I come to your place of brewing and personally help you brew/ learn to brew. I can also show you how to build a high quality kegerator from scratch for about 1/3 the cost of buying one.

I'm currently a medical student at BCM and brewing is one of my passions. My scientific and laboratory experience carries over to my brewing. I take the time to learn the underlying principles of brewing in order to make the best beer possible. For example, I can teach you about all the different enzymes active in the mash, their active temperature ranges and their effect on the wort. I understand the essential qualities of beer and how to bring them forth in your brew. Dextrins, attenuation, phenols, esters, lactobacillus, S. cerevisiae, cohumulone acid, alpha acid and countless other factors effect the outcome of beer and as a student teacher at BCM I feel confident that I can increase your proficiency in the art and craft of brewing.
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